We are on the verge of extinction, but we don’t seem to realize it. To date, Earth has witnessed five mass extinctions, and all five have been caused by natural geological changes. The sixth mass extinction will be the result of human activity alone. Without immediate action, the consequences of global warming will become irreversible.

Nutrition, Soil Health and Closed Loop Cycles

CREST Foundation will create circular economies through its sustainable communities by implementing a ‘buy local, eat local’ model of food production that dramatically reduces food miles. Organic farms within these sustainable communities will also support a farm-to-fork-to-farm model, allowing zero-refrigeration to become a reality.

The nutritional quality of food is declining because of monocropping and chemical farming. Easy access to and mass production of frozen and processed food has made consuming fresh, organic produce more challenging and expensive.

Global food transportation is a leading contributor to lower food and nutritional safety standards and higher greenhouse gas emissions. In the time it takes for food to be harvested and reach the customer, fresh, alkaline food turns acidic. Regular consumption of acidic food increases the risk of cancer and other gastroenterological diseases.

Investing in climate-smart agriculture, nutritional food security, integrated pest management, and pollinator health and protection restores soil health. Regular access to fresh produce reduces dependence on refrigeration to store food. Improving soil health helps sequester carbon back into the Earth.