We are on the verge of extinction, but we don’t seem to realize it. To date, Earth has witnessed five mass extinctions, and all five have been caused by natural geological changes. The sixth mass extinction will be the result of human activity alone. Without immediate action, the consequences of global warming will become irreversible.

Climate Responsive Habitants and Water Conservation

CREST Foundation will create water-positive communities that respect nature’s biological, geological, chemical, and physical systems. By implementing water conservation and soil rehabilitation techniques that fix topsoil’s ability to percolate water into the groundwater table, CREST Foundation communities will contribute to rainfall regulation and global cooling.

Today, many cities suffer from multi-year drought conditions and rely on depleting freshwater sources to meet the needs of their residents.

Harvesting rainwater and managing runoff in urban areas remain a challenge because most urban surfaces like concrete, metal and asphalt are impervious to water

Focusing on river protection and safe storage moves the needle towards zero water waste. Using watershed techniques for irrigation and organic farming practices promotes inclusive ecosystems and improves the resilience of forests and rangelands.

Climate responsive habitats, comprising high-oxygenating, water-holding plants, rainwater retention ponds, and pockets of biodiversity, are a natural and practical way of addressing the current water crisis.