An insight into how we can prolong our stay on Earth

In order to look forward, we must look back. So, let’s get a glimpse of how we got here


Since its formation 4.6 billion years ago, the planet has seen 5 mass extinctions so far and all of these were due to natural disasters. From asteroid strikes to global warming, volcanism, and anoxia, the earth has survived it all. 99% of the total species have perished during these catastrophic events. Only 1% survives today.

The 6th one, the one that spells doom for humans, is right around the corner. And, unfortunately, this extinction will be man-made.

We are at the brink of extinction due to the well-known “Cause and Effect” theory, which greats such as Einstein have posited in the past. The cause can be seen everywhere around us -

  • Overuse and exploitation of natural resources
  • Significant increase in pollution
  • Urban expansion
  • Technological advancements

The effect? We are dangerously close to being wiped out from the face of the earth.

The rise of luxury and the fall of humanity

Early humans lived in forests, in harmony with other animals. They protected themselves when needed but shared the space with multiple species without causing unnecessary harm. This co-existence benefitted all living creatures. The air was fresh, the fruits were natural, the rain was a healer. This is how it was always supposed to be.

And then, we learned about comfort.

We slowly started changing our lifestyles to incorporate as much comfort as possible. It started with the barter system and evolved into community-living. Then arose politics and technology. Human greed crossed the threshold alarmingly fast with no second thought to the long-term effects, the impact on other living beings, or the planet as a whole.

German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger, said many years ago that technology would be the foundation of existential crisis. We are seeing it happen in every fold of life today.

  • Days and nights are shorter
  • Stress levels are through the roof
  • All natural resources are now polluted
  • Green cover is heavily depleted
  • We are at war with each other and animals
  • Health has significantly gone down
  • Population explosion is very disconcerting

Our quest to live luxuriously has become so obnoxious that we have forgotten the foundation of life - what we do impacts every other species on earth. At the moment, around 1 million species are endangered and will disappear within decades. Is all this man-made? Yes.

Blue Dharma - A book for a new tomorrow

Penned by Rajendra Kumar, a prominent name in Sustainable Design, Vision Crafting, Branding, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Management, Blue Dharma is the eye-opener we all need to reverse the damage we have been doing.

Planet earth really does not need our help. She will heal herself and she has been doing so for millions of years.

Humans need to seriously introspect and find a way to postpone an exit from this world. We are standing at crossroads - one path leads to absolute and complete destruction while the other promises enormous opportunities for revival and survival.

As Robert Frost puts it, we must take the road “less traveled” now.