Courtyard homes - Homes blessed by Mother Nature

Somewhere between traditional architecture and high-rise, dense buildings, we lost sight of what’s really important - we lost our connection with Mother Nature.


Somewhere between traditional architecture and high-rise, dense buildings, we lost sight of what’s really important - we lost our connection with Mother Nature.

The key to survival on earth is adaptation. And, the human race has done a great job so far, which is why it is on top of the food chain. In the past few decades, though, our way of living has drastically changed and that is directly affecting the most fundamental requirement to survive and take the species forward - adaptability.

Nature has always been our biggest protector, implementing ways to help us acclimatize to changes in climatic conditions. The slow rise of the sun helps our eyes get used to light while mangoes in the summer produce heat when consumed to increase our body temperature.

Speaking of summers…

Summers at grandma’s never really felt like summers, did they? We all left the comforts of the AC in the big city to spend the holidays in the village. Even though the summer heat was the same, we actually felt better at grandma’s.

Was it all the love and warmth that made the summer discomfort vanish? Of course. And, something else - Our grandparents’ home itself. The courtyard home! These homes are designed to work in harmony with nature and help us connect with it.

Traditional courtyards - Inviting Mother Nature home

When you imagine or remember your grandparents’ home, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind.

How open it is.

The trademark of any courtyard home is its openness and inviting nature. Even after you enter the home and close all doors, there’s a piece of nature - a large tree or a few plantations and the open sky smiling at you and protecting you. This design, which was normal a few decades ago, is an architectural marvel.

Us city folks may not comprehend the genius of these designs until we take a closer look and examine the thought behind it.

These homes are the most eco-friendly of them all as they eliminate the need for AC in summer altogether, providing a highly efficient and natural way to stay cool. Today, a few schools have adopted this model to ensure that the classrooms are a few degrees cooler and we think that modern homes must follow suit - for the benefit of the environment and their own pockets.

Why are courtyards the need of the hour - the key purpose

Advancements have taken us far ahead of ancient times but it is heart-breaking to see the price we have paid for them. Energy and fossil fuels have taken a huge hit due to our lifestyle changes and sadly, in the “living” aspect, we have ended up at the wrong end of the deal.

Our previous generations had already unlocked the secret to comfortable living. Was it really necessary to introduce heaters and coolers that damaged the environment and our health? To an extent, yes, but in most circumstances these can be avoided just by making full use of the gifts that Mother Nature gives us.

Courtyard homes are not designed the same in all regions. This is because the climatic conditions vary from one place to another. In colder regions, you will see more open ones while in hotter regions, they are narrow in comparison. This structure enables us to acclimatize more naturally to weather changes and not fall ill ever so often.

With our natural resources depleting faster than ever and with the human race at the brink of destruction, we ask - is it the right time to go back to our roots?