An alarming wake-up call

Mother Earth has nurtured “life” for millions of years, enforcing adaptation and survival of the fittest. She is the perfect example that the only constant in all our lives is “change.”


Mother Earth has nurtured “life” for millions of years, enforcing adaptation and survival of the fittest. She is the perfect example that the only constant in all our lives is “change.” Species that couldn’t accept it perished.

Man has done well in this regard. So far.

How it all started

Early man was a hunter, doing his best to survive through hunting. Still, there was co-existence. With evolution and deeper learning, man switched to becoming a gatherer, accumulating fruits and building shelter.

Gathering required leadership skills, clear communication, and coordination. Man mastered every single one of them, as is evident even in today’s world. But, one thing started becoming obvious - man’s greed

It could have stopped at gathering as this form of living was comfortable and safe. However, being self-centric by nature, man always wanted more. That resulted in the dangerous exploitation of natural resources, which continues to this day.

When need transformed to greed

As long as man was not disturbing the fundamental laws of nature, everything was fine and dandy. Greed started eroding the equilibrium between humanity and nature and the burden fell on the shoulders of Mother Earth.

Linear economy is the biggest culprit in this scenario. Linear economy refers to the exploitation and wastage of natural resources. Currently, this is what is happening:

  • Non-renewable resources are being used to make products
  • They are being discarded after usage to end up in landfills and not back to nature

The consequences of this greed are:

  • Emission of greenhouses gases
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Drastic changes in climatic conditions
  • Leaching harmful chemicals into soil, air, and water

This way of living is directing us straight to the grave - to the end of mankind - because change (or the repercussion of these actions) has now become extremely volatile and man may not be able to keep up.

Salvaging the situation - Saving ourselves

We have exploited natural resources for way too long. And nature is making us aware of the consequences. The best time to change our approach towards life was decades ago. The second best time is now.

By simply looking at circular economy, we can turn the tide and salvage the difficult situation we are in today.

Circular economy works on 3 fundamental patterns:

  • Reduce the usage of natural resources, especially those that are non-renewable
  • Reuse the resources in different applications to prolong their utility
  • Recycle materials to form new materials so that they are once again introduced for usage

These terms are far too familiar but not many of us have dug deeper or thought about them. It’s time now to not just dig deeper but to make this lifestyle our “mantra.”

Mother Earth - A solution to reverse human greed

The author of (name of the book), (Mr. name), has written this book after extensive research and learning of sustainability. He clearly outlines the man-made situation that will lead us to be wiped off from the earth unless we do something about it.

He also mentions the steps that can be taken at an individual level to fight the crisis. Many large-scale industries are adopting environment-friendly methods to reduce exploitation and minimize emissions. But, until we take up the responsibility as individuals, change will not be possible.