Wellness living - Let’s revive the ancient lifestyle in urban settings

Our great grandparents lived to be around 90-100. Most of our grandparents are comfortably living in their 80s. Our lifespan doesn’t look as bright.


Our great grandparents lived to be around 90-100. Most of our grandparents are comfortably living in their 80s. Our lifespan doesn’t look as bright.

As we grow significantly faster than our previous generations, we age faster as well. This means our lifecycle is much shorter.

So, what brought on this drastic change? What spun our entire ecosystem on its head?


Back in the day - Freshness was a way of life

Urban living has brought with it, the use of hormones to lock freshness in fruits, automobiles that contribute to pollution, evolved viruses that are easily breaking the species barrier, and ageing-related problems such as balding.

When you go back a generation or two, you will see that there were barely any diseases, people lived healthy lives.

This is because their lifestyle was in harmony with Mother Earth.

Courtyard homes, for example, were the norm back then - built giving greenery and space the utmost importance. Homes were open, welcoming all elements of the earth. This close-knitted living and the consumption of fresh produce boosted their immunity and kept them safe from many, many diseases.

But today, the definition of freshness has completely changed. Did you know that the average “fresh fruit” is at least a couple of months old? From farm to home, its journey is long and each fruit undergoes multiple treatments for storage and transportation.

The air we breathe is no longer fresh either because we live far away from nature and utilize many pollution-causing technologies. Urbanization and population explosion have forced us out of the arms of Mother Nature into compact apartments that do not allow the sun, wind, or rain. There are no trees around us to eat “fresh” anymore.

This change in lifestyle is the biggest reason why our immunity has drastically depleted and our lifespan is much shorter than earlier.

Is immunity depletion the price we must pay for comfort?

Living close to nature doesn’t have to be a far off dream. You don’t have to take a weekend off to enjoy greenery, fresh air, and the morning dew.

The kind of home we choose determines our wellness.

Life can be exactly as comfortable as it is at the moment if you choose the right home, surrounded by nature, fruit & vegetable trees, walking spaces, work areas, etc. Each of these elements adds to our immune health and builds wellness.

Dhriti Nirvana - The answer to wellness living

Dhriri Nirvana is our step towards balanced, nature-embracing living in urban settings. Designed to be a green community, Dhriti Nirvana blends comfort and ancient culture to give you the best of both worlds.

  • Farm to fork concept with food forests
  • Only 40% constructed area
  • Walk to work concept with open work areas (no elevators)
  • Wellness & fitness areas
  • Water bodies
  • Courtyard homes to revive ancient living
  • Proposed sports village