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NEOM Region is in the upper north-west part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aaqba. NEOM has been designated, by the Saudi Government, as an International Commercial and Industrial zone built on available natural and unique components of this region, adding to the economic vision that Saudi Arabia. The idea of creating NEOM Region was viewed from several different National and International aspects of development. NEOM has the potential to become the ultimate Smart City by achieving exceptional innovation in business, livability, and sustainability in line with Saudi’s vision 2030.

Primary focus of this report is to constitute a solution framework to restore ecological balance with broad roadmap towards environmental impact goals of CREST Foundation overlapped and measured in comparison with UN Sustainable Development Goals defined for Saudi Arabia. Evidence and results occurred in this report will get further evolved in Report II – Climate Hub Design and Implementation Roadmap with micro level details based on intense on ground and in person inspection of site location involving several subject matter experts.

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